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womxn's workshops in person

Autumn Workshops in Oxford

The Self: Acceptance workshops is a set of 3 inclusive events for us to come together, learn, grow, have fun and get to better know and express oursleves in a safe, accepting space. Held in the Ark T venue in Cowley, in a cosy space with underfloor heating and a door onto the courtyard, it's a great place to make some space for me time and to meet like-minded people.


Each session will energise you with embodied techniques, practical tips, dance and connection! All the activities are optional. You can attend the workshops separately, come to just one that calls you, or get a discount for all 3. These events are FREE for womxn refugees and sex workers. Dates: 01.11, 15.11, and 06.12. 7-8.15 pm.

Tuesday 01.11.22 Getting to know  my:Self

Getting to know and accept yourself is one of the biggest journeys of life. If we don’t know who we are, what we want, and have confidence in ourselves, it can be difficult for us to live our best lives.


We often know much better what other people expect of us than what they want for ourselves!

How would it feel to deeply know yourself, your needs and talents, and feel confident to express this and put it out into the world?


In this workshop we will cover:


⚡️Looking at the different masks we wear in our lives and how to take these off

⚡️Who am I? Guided journey meditation

⚡️Practical tips for feeling more self-confident

⚡️Everyday techniques and journal prompts to understand yourself and your reactions better

Tuesday 15.11.22 Self:care your way

Self care isn’t selfish. And it doesn’t need to look like bubble baths and face masks. Self care includes setting boundaries, expressing ourselves without fear, and improving our relationship with our pleasure.


Soft self-care can look like letting go of the need to be 'productive', doing little things that bring us pleasure daily, making life into a ritual and not being ashamed of slowing down.


In this worksop we’ll cover:


⚡️Is it self care or selfish? Womxn, pleasure and guilt

⚡️Techniques to connect us to the importance of slow, and to our own natural rhythms

⚡️Hard self care; boundaries, getting what you need, speaking up for yourself

⚡️Soft self care; every day rituals, me time, emotions and emotionl eating 

⚡️Self-massage and self-pleasure techniques

Tuesday 6.12.22 Self: love?

What is self acceptance? How can self acceptance become self-love? Is it ok to love myself? We’ll look at why it is so difficult for many people to accept and love themselves, and how our lives can change for the better when we begin to do this.


In this workshop we’ll cover:


⚡️Self-love vs narcissism

⚡️Mirror work and self-acceptance

⚡️Accepting your body and freeing yourself from body shame

⚡️How to give and receive compliments

⚡️Afirmations for self-acceptance and self-love

⚡️Dance party!

Self: investment 

1 workshop: £10

All 3 workshops: £25

Free for refugees and sex workers and those experiencing economic difficulties

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