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Gracefull Awakenings

Movement - Empowerment - Joy

Gracefull Awakenings is a safe, inclusive space for those who want to go beyond what they currently know and find another way of doing things.

For those who seek truth, empowerment, closure, peace.

For those who want more joy, fulfilment and authenticity.

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About Me

Hi I'm Miranda Grace (she/her). 


I am an ally on your unique path of healing and awakening, to help you become more empowered and fulfilled in all areas of life.

I offer free spiritual abuse and coercive control Recovery advice, and tailored group and private Movement sessions.

Working with power of natural cycles and rythms, sensuality, intutive self-inquiry, breath and movement.


I use these tools to help get us out of our heads, into our bodies and out of the dissociation and toxic thinking that is common even in wellness communites. 

I can help with issues like:

  • Low self confidence and depression

  • Body dysmorphia

  • 'Addictions' and unhealthy behaviours

  • Relationship and s3xual issues

  • Leaving high control groups, toxic spirituality and abusive relationships

Gracefull Awakenings include:

  - Group and 1:1 somatic, trauma-informed movement sessions

- Coercive control and cult recovery work 

- Empowerment and embodiment workshops and courses

Work with me

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Start your Journey

I offer a Free 20 minute introductory consultation before you decide on any treatment or service.

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Intutitive healing

Energetic and Taoist massage, intutive bodywork, Yoni and Womb healing, Shamanic healing


I provide trauma-informed, practical and somatic 1:1confidence and embodiment coaching. I am a survivor of cultic spiritual abuse and coercive control relationships, I offer 1:1 mentoring for those recovering from these dynamics

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I have had lots of  healings before, and Grace was certainly one of the best. I loved the way she gave her heart and soul into the whole experience; she could sense what is required in the moment.

Jay, May 2021

Very lovely! Amazing energy, makes you feel 100% alive! I can really notice that Grace feels the energy. I am not that sensitive to it myself, but I had the feeling that she gave good energy to me. Being around Grace made me calm and live in the moment a little more. 

Claire, Feb 2020

From the moment you sit down with Grace you feel confident that you are in safe hands. Grace has a strong intuitive approach that helps you let go and release. I’d recommend Grace to anyone who is new to alternative healing or anyone who wants a practitioner that will help take their life and body to the next level.”  

Ronald, May 2018

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