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“I have had lots of tantric and other therapies before, and Grace was certainly one of the best. I loved the way she gave her heart and soul into the whole experience; she could sense what is required in the moment.”

 Jay, May 2021

"Grace is highly skilled at setting up and holding a safe, compassionate, beautifully sacred space. I felt very safe throughout the whole session, which enabled much intense release. I found Grace to be a very sensitive and intuitive practitioner, she was totally present in every second of the session which is important for me. As well as releasing emotions from the body I also experienced an intensely pleasurable energy which I wasn't expecting. It was my first Tantric healing therapy, and helped me to move through a lot of stuck-ness around my sexuality and creativity. Thank you Grace! What a beautiful gift."

Anna, May 2018

"Grace is a serene, sweet, attentive and responsive therapist. She will do whatever it takes to provide a deeply healing and transformative experience. Amazing; by far and away the best I've experienced."

Mitul, February 2018

“My experience with Grace was wow, such an amazing and powerful one. It was my first Tao healing massage and I felt in incredibly good hands. Unconditional love just pours out of her. the care she takes and the reassurance she gives is everyting you need for a wonderful, healing session. Thank you Grace, you have a real gift, I'm so happy I had this experience with you."

 Poppy, December 2017

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