About Grace

I have been on a spiritual and self-development path for many years exploring a variety of modalities including Yoga, Tantra, process work, 12 step, yoga, breathwork, Shamanism, Vortex healing and meditation.


A former Education professional, I trained in Tao-Tantric healing work in Mantak Chia’s Tao Gardens in 2017 and with Tantric Healing Therapy in 2020. I have been facilitating womxn's circles, workshops and coaching since 2019.

In my early 20's I was in an abusive, coercive relationship. In my early 30's I was in a cult.


I recovered from these experiences using simple tools and approaches. I want to share these with others and support them on their journey. 

I believe that the human experience is unique for a reason. Grounded, embodied spirituality takes place in the real world and in the everyday.


I want to see an end to the culture of discrimination, dependency and abuse that exists in the self-help, yoga/tantra and wellness industries. I am committed to supporting all people to find their unique path.