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Gracefull Awakenings is for everyone who wants to experience more; something deeper.

For those who want to go beyond what they currently know and find another way of doing things.

For those who seek healing, rejuvenation, peace.

For those who want lives that are rich in love, sensation, fulfilment and authenticity.

  • Am I ready for Gracefull Awakenings treatments?
    Yes, because awakening starts from the point where you are now. The fact that you are open, curious, looking for other possibilities in life shows that there is a part of you that is ready for this now; you just need to give it some space and attention.
  • Will coaching help me?
    Yes. Coaching is individually tailored to your background, needs, interests and goals. Grace holds a space that is safe, nurturing and proactive so you can see and feel real progress throughout, or over a course of, sessions. You will always be given an optional homework including practical tasks and things to read/watch to help you further your own progress between sessions.
  • Is coaching just about talking?
    No. Most of us spend too much time in our heads and talk excessively, which puts our minds on constant overdrive. Though some talking therapy is needed to bring awareness, each session will include tools to take you out of your head and into your body; into an alpha brainwave state. This can be Taoist energetic or embodied practices, Tantric breathwork, sense exercises, meditations, yoga, dance, movement, voice work or art therapy.
  • What are the boundaries?
    Boundaries and Consent are a foundation of Grace's practice, and an important part of your personal journey. Before any session, these are briefly discusssed usually in the form of an informal agreement of practice, and you are welcomed to bring up your own personal boundaries and needs. Anonimity and GDPR are strictly respected, and this is a safe space that aims to hold your process. In terms of bodywork, Grace is always clothed during sessions. She encourages you to respect your own boundaries, and hers, and these will be communicated thoroughly before, and if needed throughout, any session. There is the option of having fully clothed emotional release bodywork. In the Tao-Tantra therapy sessions the client will usually be in their underwear but covered with a sarong as much or as little as they wish. This means that Grace can intuitively release tension and trauma from the body.
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