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Movement is Medicine® is a method that was created by Emma Marshall combining her

knowledge of neuroscience, indigenous wisdom and rave culture.

The body really does keep the score, it holds onto experiences that have not been processed,
which can manifest in various ways and affect our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The body has an innate wisdom of being able to release and let go. It's what animals do in the
wild to release stress and trauma. Humans also have this mechanism, but we can become
stuck in the mind, which stops this physical process from completing.

This is what Movement is Medicine was designed for; to get participants out of the head and
into the body so that they release and let go of the experiences that the body is still holding
onto, but with a modern day twist that we experience when we are able to just dance freelylike you would on a dancefloor, letting the body do the talking for you.

Every part of this method is specifically curated from start to finish, from the points of the
body we touch and in what order, to the music selection, to the order of the music played.
The method starts with a somatic meditation created by Emma which uses a combination of
pressure points, tapping, breath work, nervous system regulation techniques, sensory
activation, vagal toning and much more to come into the body and out of the mind by
creating body awareness. This part of the method is seated and slow, getting in tune with the
rhythm of the music being played. Here we observe where we might be holding or storing
trauma, stress or trapped emotions, we create a relationship with our body.

Once in the body, feeling safe, grounded and present we stand up and move into movement
and body release exercises that eventually lead into freeform dance. Anything brought to the
surface during the meditation we shake off and bring the mind and body into its most primal
state so we can let go of any stress or tension that we may have been carrying.

The dance part is not choreographed. The purpose of this method is to create feeling within
the physical body and allow the participant to move and dance in a free flow state that feels
good for them just like you would at a rave. You just move.Each person is different, which is

what makes it so special because there is no doing this wrong.

Music and dance has been used since the dawn of time to generate healing in indigenous
tribes and communities around the world. In the West, our healing spaces in regards to

music and dance are dominated by rave, festival and club culture.

Creating education and tools that should just be part of our knowledge and lifestyle is the

biggest value of this methodology.


With this method, once you’ve done it, you can implement it yourself without needing
guidance, even just 5 minutes a day, which is why it works for so many people and why

people continue to come back.

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