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Daily practice for more self-trust

When that first sense or feeling comes up about a situation, a person, do you push it away, deny it as untrue, wait for a ‘better’ thought to come up?

Make lists and scenarios in your mind as to why that’s not what you need, or why it’s just an option.

When you get an image or a thought of what you should do, do you act on it, or wait for the next more usual or logical action?

That sense that comes up doesn’t really have a one word label. Call it intuition, a sense, a gut feeling, whatever.

It’s something only you can feel and it occurs differently inside each of us. And, like a muscle, it strengthens with practice and attention.

I’ve been doing a practice lately to increase this connection and trust in my sense/intuition.

✅ When that sense comes up, that intuition, that image , I act on it. As many as I can, at least 3 daily. This morning they were: go out on the wet grass barefoot, smile at the sun and don’t care how you look, and belly dance.

Simple, actionable intuitions. Even if you don’t have the time 🕰️ or possibility to do it right then, can you do it later that day? Can you do a micro version of it?

Doing this also helps me to feel more spontaneous and joyful, and to trust and honour my own energy.

Many of us don’t know how to trust or follow that sense, that feeling that comes up in your body or in your heart.

That thought that comes before logic. Logic often comes in after and the thinking mind tries to rationalise it.

We’ve been taught that logic, overthinking and analysis is always the better way to make choices. So we often dismiss our own sense, and so it weakens.

One of the greatest obstacles we face as humans is the lack of belief in ourselves.

This is why we often transfer that belief and trust onto someone else. Someone else must be wiser, smarter, more talented, better. Know more. Be more. This is not true.

We are all here as unique expressions, like a multitude of sparks 💥coming off a fire, each with a different trajectory. Trust yours.

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