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Embodied therapies

Your body is capable of so much more than you can imagine. And your feelings affect your body as much as your mind.

Your body is not separate from your mind or your feelings. They all work together and impact on each other.

If you don’t acknowledge your feelings they will show up in your body in the form of pain, tension, even disease at some point or another

Even science now agrees the body, mind and emotions are connected. This is why stress causes so much disease. Not just mental but physical.

Medical research now considers that as much as 90% of disease is stress-related (AND, 2023).

Talking therapy is now so mainstream it’s even part funded by the NHS (no mean feat). It has been fairly accessible (though arguably not enough) and commonplace for the past 10 years or more.

So, if it’s so effective, why is it that more people than ever are stressed, anxious and unwell?

Now, I’m not saying that talking doesn’t help. I see my clients and myself having breakthroughs and insights through talking regularly.

But, on its own it will not fix all your problems. Your mind can’t do that.

This is why I’m a practitioner and advocate of body-based therapies. Massage, healings, and movement.

I personally have experienced huge shifts, releases of emotion and increased wellbeing through practices that work only on my body.

Embodied therapy can shift pain, trauma and repressed feelings surprisingly quickly.

Your body will then create new experiences and pathways for health, pleasure and joy

I’m going to start sharing more on here about my journey with my body and some of the amazing things I’ve discovered along the way.

What’s your experience of stress-relief and healing therapies that work with the body?

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