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Polarity doctrine

Polarity doctrine is well-established in many traditional religions/belief systems and even in much new age & conspiracy stuff.

I’ll refer to masculine and feminine as gender identities and as energies. This isn’t comprehensive.

Polarity doctrine is binary& based on traditional Christian gender norms. It theorises that through increasing duality you can reach a a natural state of being and oneness. It tells women that they need to be hyper ‘feminine’.

This vision of femininity has shadow and light aspects; caring, creative, nourishing, soft, surrendered, often girlish. Nuances of the feminine such as protectiveness, fierceness, emotional intensity, are often repressed. It ascribes the same traditional ‘masculine’ gender Norms you’d expect for men; strong, providing, hyper masculine. Nuances of masculinity are often repressed and seen as inferior (ie feminised).

Both males and females have, since childhood, sidelined aspects of the opposite energy inside themselves and not allowed these to express. Both ‘normal’ and ‘spiritual’ folk. They have censored their own self.

One shadow aspect of the polarity doctrine is it that it forces unhealed aspects of the collective shadow and history onto modern people living in a complex world. These are often subconscious, and contorted through never having been brought to the light.

For generations women were taught to be submissive or surrendered. There is nothing revolutionary about that. For centuries the only legitimate life choice for a woman was to submit to a man’s will and become a full-time nourisher/caregiver.

Many have suffered through these impositions of being that they thought defined their worthiness in the world; men don’t cry, a man is not valuable if he’s not manly and a provider of some sort, women’s role is to care for others, be self-sacrificing, ‘ladylike’ and refined.

The remnants of these beliefs still lurk in our consciousness like moths in the closet. They still affect both our thinking (conscious/subconscious), our behaviours and our expectations of ourselves and others; esp partners. #polarity #tantra #feminine #divinemasculine #polaritytherapy #animus #love #goddess #darkfeminine

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