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If you are the light, why hide your actions in the darkness?

If they believe in equality, why are they above the law? If they are living by truth why deny the facts, threaten and silence people? If they are guided by sincerity and harmony, they need not run from Justice.

Oh yes, the world is not ready for your light. That common cult cliche.

Maybe the world is ready. Maybe it’s them who are not.

Many religious, spiritual or self-improvement cults, groups and figureheads actively commit crimes; disregarding even the most basic human values.

The high-control group I was in had a twisted concept called ‘divine law’. Which was usually used to justify their disregard for societal morals, Norms, values and - most worryingly - the law and criminal justice system.

Anything they did, no matter how reprehensible by society’s terms, was allowed according to their ‘divine law’. The fault was with society, who were not spiritually evolved enough to understand their contortions.

Which is very convenient in terms of freeing yourself from Justice and moral accountability.

When they didn’t pay their workers they were just operating under ‘divine law’. When they infantilised and controlled people; divinely integrated. When their leader was charged with multiple counts of s3xual abuse and aggravated trafficking, he, and they, were merely following ‘divine law’.

If someone, or some people, have done something wrong, according to these universal values of truth, compassion, honesty, freedom, and protection of universal human rights. They have usually also done something wrong in terms of the law.

Even if they believe, according to the deliberately warped moral compass the organisation lives by, that they have done nothing wrong, they should be brave enough to face the consequences of their actions. It is their cross to bear.

If they are evading the justice system, or thinking that they are above moral consequence, they are not following these universal principles/attributes either.

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